Coronavirus Latest Updates: Symptoms, Diagnosis, Prevention And Cure

By | April 11, 2020


Coronavirus Latest Updates: Coronavirus (COVID-19) is a severe acute respiratory syndrome-related – coronavirus 2 that causes the COVID -19 disease that is commonly called CORONA VIRUS. Coronavirus is an infectious disease caused by a new virus.

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The word coronavirus is derived from the Latin word corona which means crown or halo which refers to the appearance of this virus.

The first case of the corona virus-infected person came from the WUHAN city of CHINA  and this virus is rapidly spreading all over the world.

CORONA VIRUS OUTBREAK: Coronavirus Latest Updates

The declared the epidemic as a global health emergency on 30th Jan 2020. The American airlines, Delta airlines, and united airlines have completely suspended their flights to China and other airlines have reduced the number of daily flights too.

The government of the US has temporarily banned the entry of any foreigners in the US and the persons who have traveled to China in the last 14 days in the united states. In China, numerous cities have been lockdown and quarantined millions of peoples. The stock market of china is constantly crashing and this already led to the global economic slowdown.   

Coronavirus consists of a core of genetic material surrounded by an envelope of protein spikes. This gives it an appearance of crown and in Latin crown means CORONA that’s why it named coronavirus.

A coronavirus is a group of viruses. It causes disease in mammals and birds. Coronavirus has a ribonucleic acid genome that has 36-32kilobases. Every year new coronavirus has been detected. The first coronavirus is detected in the 1960s in chicken which causes a mild respiratory infection in chicken. After that different number of coronavirus has been discovered mostly affect birds, warm-blooded animals and bats. These viruses often get mutated in animals and due to close contact of the animal with humans. This virus can jump from animals to humans. Many coronaviruses have been infected to humans including the SARS coronavirus which led to the SARS epidemic in 2003, MERS coronavirus and human coronavirus NL-63.

SARS coronavirus- transmitted from civet cats to humans and MERS coronavirus transmits from camel to humans.

The latest coronavirus in 2019 is the NOVEL CORONA VIRUS ie. the WUHAN CORONA VIRUS.

HOW CORONA VIRUS( COVID-19) SPREAD: Coronavirus Latest Updates

Coronavirus is a respiratory disease. It spread when a person comes in close contact with the infected person. Coronavirus enters inside the body from the nose then reaches to lungs and get multiply there. So this is clearly understood that the maximum symptoms of the coronavirus are related to the lungs. Coronavirus spread through:

  1. DROPLET INFECTION- when an infected person coughs or sneezes and release viral particles that remain in the air catches up by the other person.
  2. Coronavirus is transmitted through things that the infected person has been closely in contact with like clothes, switches, keys, door handles.
  3. The persons who are most likely to be infected are doctors, nurses, health care staff who are in close contact with infected persons and animal market workers, etc.


  1. Coronavirus doesn’t spread through food because the food goes in the stomach and the acid present in the stomach which helps in digestion kills that virus.
  2. Eating non- veg doesn’t cause coronavirus infection.


The WHO has coined the term 2019- NOVAL CORONA VIRUS acute respiratory disease to describe the disease caused by the coronavirus as most of the symptoms are related to the respiratory system.

There are several symptoms from mild to severe.

     80% -85% cases  – mild symptoms

     10%- 15% cases  – severe symptoms

Mild symptoms are – fever, dry cough and shortness of breath.

Severe symptoms are- pneumonia, kidney failure and death.

Coronavirus mostly infects the adults ( more than 60-70 years of age) and persons who have a previous medical history like diabetes, hypertension and heart disease are more likely to be infected by this virus because they have a weak immune system so the virus can easily infect them.   

To increase the immunity doctors advised to take vitamin c tablets, chloroquine  250mg tablet ( 2 tablets weekly) and take citrus fruits in the diet.


A test that is used to detect the coronavirus is a polymeric chain reaction ( PCR).

This test detects the small quantity of genetic material and amplifies it to understand it clearly.

Prevention and cure:

Currently there is no vaccine to cure the coronavirus (COVID-19). One of the best ways is to avoid exposure to this virus. However, CDC every day recommends the preventive actions to prevent coronavirus spreading which include :

  1. Cover your mouth while sneezing and coughing.
  2. Wash hand regularly at an interval of 2 hours with soap for at least 20 min or you can use sanitizers that contain 60% or more alcohol.
  3. Wear an N-95 mask in public areas.
  4. Don’t touch eyes, nose with unwashed and dirty hands.
  5. Regularly clean the frequently touch object and surfaces.

A vaccine of coronavirus in under process. Scientists are doing hard work for discovering the vaccines for coronavirus, for coronavirus latest updates on Vaccines on COVID 19 Virus, stay connected with us.


  1. Don’t shake hands with anyone.
  2. Stop going into crowded areas.
  3. Don’t touch the door handles and open the door by the elbow.
  4. If you are coming from outside then first wash ur hand and change the clothes.
  5. Keep at the distance of 2-3 meters from other people.
  6. Lockdown yourself at home for some days.
  7. Eat healthy and cooked food.
  8. Drink adequate and boiled water.


  1. If there are no symptoms of COVID -19 then people are advised for home isolation.
  2. In case of mild symptoms – persons will isolate in special wards in the supervision of doctors and symptomatic treatment is given.
  3. In very serious cases- the patient will be transferred to ICU.


This helpline number is provided by the Indian government. The health authority on this number will sort out all your problems and will give u better suggestions.

If someone has any symptoms related to the coronavirus then they can contact this helpline number. The

Health authority on these numbers will come to your place and will take the sample for further tests. If the test is found positive then the infected person will isolate for 2 weeks under the care and supervision of health care authority or doctors.


CORONA VIRUS have highly infectivity rate :

The good thing is that its death rate is less than 4% means if 100 people are infected with the coronavirus then only 3-4 could die and 3-4 persons are that among them which are an old citizen or whose immune system is weak.

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